Eddy current ring launcher: theory 1

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The goal of this experiment is to understand, and build an eddy current ring launcher. This video shows shows some aluminium can destruction and the launching of an aluminium ring using eddy currents. Besides that it looks cool, I want to understand the underlying process, so that it is also educational in the theoretical sense, instead of “just… Read More »

3D printed vase with wood filament

The 3D printer needs to be kept active so now and then. This post describes some experiments with printing spiral vases, using filament with wood fibres. Printing spiral vases isn’t new, but the result of this print is quite nice. The object to print is one of the Julia vases by  Virtox, the Stratus version to… Read More »

Wake-up light, part 2: patterns

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A short update for the wake-up light. Some quick (and dirty?) coding using an Arduino Pro Micro and the Fastled library already gives some nice results: The code uses the Fastled built-in HSV colorspace (hue, saturation, value). Although originally meant for RGB LEDs, it also seems to work fine for WWA (warm white, cold white,… Read More »

Wake-up light, part 1: casing

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Wake-up light

With these long nights, waking up can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, I wanted to make a wake-up light. Buying one is also one of the possibilities, but making one yourself is much more fun. You can also add some unique features. The idea is to not just have one light, but to use an LED… Read More »