About me

Hi there, I’m Wouter. Currently 28 years old, and working in the high-tech industry in the Eindhoven area. Theoretical material is interesting, but for me, it is important to be able to combine it with practical applications. Not just for the sake of the applications; the process of prototyping, messing around, making mistakes, and discovering new things is more important. By studying something from the theoretical side you can design beautiful things. However, through the process of practical prototyping you discover insights that you wouldn’t get from a theoretical perspective only.

Sometimes I see tinkering as a form of art: to use technical skills not for the sole purpose of generating commercial value, as it is done most of the time, but to use the process of creation and tinkering to just enjoy. I mean, some people put thoughts and feelings into music or paintings or good food or whatever feels good. To me, making something fun or unusual or creative, or something that is technically correct (read: perfectionism), or plain dangerous, is enjoyable.

Sometimes I do however simply get enough of the technical stuff. Logic only brings you so far. Hence many different hobbies.

So far the introduction for myself. For more information about the purpose of this site, see this page.