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3D printed laminar flow nozzle

Oh yes I still have a website. Let’s post some stuff on it! Today I present some work on my laminar flow nozzle; an attempt to make a very stable (visibly not seeming to move) laminar water flow. I want laminar flow as it is optically very satisfying. I made a video quickly explaining the… Read More »

CubeLamp: some electronics

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series CubeLamp

Now that we have (part of) a cube, as shown in the first part of the series, it’d be nice to add some functionality. A project like this needs some complexity, otherwise, where would be the fun in making it. So, lets add some electronics, for the sake of experiment. Prototyping some electronics gives good insights… Read More »

CubeLamp: introduction

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series CubeLamp

Time for a new project! With the self-isolation going on, it’s good to have something to focus on. So, let’s unleash some creativity. A while ago, I made a magnetic table lamp as a present. Some time pressure was involved: the whole lamp was developed and built within 10 days. As I was looking for a… Read More »

Automating measurements with the Rigol DS1054Z

For measuring the velocity of a projectile, I’m deveveloping a velocity meter. This velocity meter, on which I hope to write some more later on, works by two laser beams that are interrupted sequentially. By measuring the time in between the interruptions, the (average) velocity can be calculated, as the distance between the laser beams… Read More »

SMD art: laser constant current source

Often, technical projects are about solving problems and improving things. Sometimes, it’s nice to just make something because it looks nice. In this case, it’s about making a dual laser current source, in a nice looking way. Who needs a PCB, when you have some imagination :). To be honest this creation is part of… Read More »

Mirror light with capacitive touch control

This time, a relatively simple but nice looking project: a mirror light, of which the brightness can be controlled by capacitive touch control. Although the project maybe is a bit less challenging than others, I’m trying to document some more of my projects. The idea is quite simple: add some LED strips next to a… Read More »

High speed balancing robot: introduction

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Balancing robot

For quite some time, I’ve been developing a two wheeled balancing robot. You know, like a Segway. But in this case it is somewhat smaller, as to minimise damage when hitting something at high speed. That happens rather often, due to the very high maximum speed of this robot. This post will cover the architecture… Read More »